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Completion of UKT Assistance Files Batch 1 and 2

We hereby announce that Universitas Diponegoro provides assistance for the suspension of Tuition fees (UKT) for students affected by Covid-19 with a maximum amount of IDR 2,400,000. In this regard, for students listed in the following attachment and willing to be...


Research & Community Service

The Spirit of Sharing in the Middle of Pandemic

Semarang - Bantu Sembako is a social movement initiated by students of Undip Communication Science to help non Semarang students who are still living in Tembalang due to being affected by Covid-19....


Banda Aceh (12/11) - Indonesian Communication Association (ISKI) again held a national conference entitled communications Communication International Conference of Indonesia Communications Scholars...

Lecturer in the Department of Communication Studies Following International Media Conference in Surabaya

International Media Conference or IMC was held back by the Communication Studies Program UPN "Veteran" at the East Java Surabaya Hotel Novotel Samator. The International Media Conference or IMC was...



What A Pride! Communication Science of Universitas Diponegoro Won The First Place In Pekom Universitas Indonesia

Semarang - Communication Week (Pekom) is one of the competitions between Communication students throughout Indonesia which is held by the Communication Science Department of the Universitas...

Students of the Department of Communication Science Achieved 1st Winner Winner Category Ajisaka UGM Strategic Research

Student Corps of Communication (KOMAKO) Faculty of Social and Political Sciences Gadjah Mada University held the Ajisaka UGM Festival in 2019. The annual competition in the field of communication...

Students Of Communication Science Joining The Undip Oranger Team Won 2nd Place Of The 2019 Campaign Proposal COMIC Competition

The ORANGER team from Universitas Diponegoro won IInd place in the campaign proposal competition of the 2019 Communication In Action (COMIC) competition held by the Communication Department of BINUS...

Faizal Maghira Won 2nd Place Of The News Presenter Emtek Goes To Campus Competition Of 2019 Semarang

Emtek Goes to Campus was held again at Universitas Negeri Semarang on Thursday (24/10). Emtek Goes To Campus was a routine event held by the Emtek group as a means for students to get to know the...

Five Students Of The Bachelor Of Communication Science Of The 2017 Intake Won 3rd Place In PIM UNDIP 2019 PKM Community Service

We have good news from Communication Science 2017! Our friends had won 3rd place in PIM UNDIP 2019 PKM Community Service. They are: 1. Dina Radika Oktavianti 2. Muhammad Farhan Nugraha 3. Syafiq...

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