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Healthy Food Quota Update

Due to the start of the odd semester holiday in 2022, the healthy food distribution quota at each pick-up location will be adjusted as follows: No Location Quota 1 SA-MWA Building Parking Lot 300 2 Student Center 300 3 Auditorium Imam Bardjo, S.H. 125 Total 725 The...


Online Journalism Visiting Lecturer: Challenges and Opportunities

Online Journalism Visiting Lecturer: Challenges and Opportunities held By Department of Communication Science

Guest Lecturer | Media Industry Management in the Digital Era

Speakers: Prof. Dr. Eni Maryani (Universitas...


For everyone who is curious or wants to take...


Research & Community Service

Community Service of the Department of Communication Science UNDIP: The Role of Teachers in Educating Parents and Students to Prevent the Spread of Pornographic Content

Teachers have a very strategic role and are at the forefront of preventing and counteracting negative content including pornography. Through digital literacy, teachers can take a better role....

Undip Communication Study Program Abdimas, Digital Literacy to Keep Kindergarten Students From Exposure to Negative Content

The presence of new media and the digital era slipped all the anxiety of the parents. The reason was that the results of ECPAT research in 2017 showed quite a lot of children were exposed to...

The Spirit of Sharing in the Middle of Pandemic

Semarang - Bantu Sembako is a social movement initiated by students of Undip Communication Science to help non Semarang students who are still living in Tembalang due to being affected by Covid-19....


Banda Aceh (12/11) - Indonesian Communication Association (ISKI) again held a national conference entitled communications Communication International Conference of Indonesia Communications Scholars...



Through Multidisciplinary Collaboration, Two FISIP Undip Students Received 2 International Awards

Semarang (11/7) – Two students from the Department of Communication Science, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences (FISIP), Universitas Diponegoro (UNDIP), recently clinched bronze medal at the...

High Enthusiasm is the Key for Nabila to Balance Her Education and Achievements

Semarang (09/03) – It is as if obtaining the Gold Medal has become a routine for her in every Karate championship both at the national and international levels. Anisa Nabila Rezky or commonly known...

Detrina Sabda Nugraha to Make the UNDIP Alma mater Proud with Karate Achievements

Detrina Sabda Nugraha, a student of the Faculty of Social Science and Political Science, Universitas Diponegoro, Semarang was unstoppable in making more achievements. He had travelled as a karate...

Ahmad Atsqal Asqalani, UNDIP Student Won the First Place in 2022 Taekwondo Baladhika Cup

“My memorable experience while studying at Universitas Diponegoro was that I felt a great sense of kinship among my friends, starting from the first time I entered college until now. As a student...

Tara Athaya Yasykur, An UNDIP Student Won Silver and Gold Medal at the 2022 ASEAN Para Games

One of the biggest competitions in Southeast Asia, the 2022 ASEAN Para Games had officially been held on July 30, 2022. These athletes with disabilities from all ASEAN countries would meet and...

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