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Profile of the Study Program Student Association of Communication Science FISIP UNDIP


The Student Association of the Communication Science Study Program at Universitas Diponegoro is a student organization at the level of the Communication Science study program. The Student Association of Communication Study Program or known as the HMPS Ilkom UNDIP was established on January 1st, 1969. The logo of the HMPS Ilkom UNDIP is a “microphone”, it is a symbol of the communication itself. HMPS Ilkom UNDIP has eight departments outside of the Daily Management Board (BPH), all of which are responsible to carrying out the vision and mission of the HMPS Ilkom UNDIP, namely the Advokesma Department, the Communication Department, the Business Department, the Research and Development Department, the Creative Department, the Department of Interests and Talents, the Department of Human Resources Development, and the Department of Community Service. Besides, the BPH consists of a chairman, vice chairman, secretary 1, secretary 2, treasurer 1, and treasurer 2. In 2021, The Student Association of the Communication Science Study Program UNDIP has 82 members who work together to facilitate and accommodate all the needs of the UNDIP Communication Science’s students.

This year cabinet is called the Deliberative Cabinet led by Azka Tsania and her deputy, Daffa Satriowibowo; assisted by the 1st Secretary, Arrawinda Putri and the 2nd Secretary, Sarah Adinda; and the 1st Treasurer, Arsya Yanuar and 2nd Treasurer, Putri Febrianti.

The HMPS UNDIP’s program of pride is the COMMWEEK or Communication Week in which there are three national scale events. The Commweek itself has been presented since 2016 with three programs in it, namely the CommCup, Creative Idea Fest, and Communication. The Commcup event is a sports tournament, especially for Futsal and E-Sport. The Creative Idea Fest (CIF) is an event in communication sphere, in which there are three competitions as well as workshops that discuss current issues. Finally, there is Communication which is a music event, such as concerts and competitions on audio and audiovisuals.

Department of Human Resources Development (PSDM)

The Human Resources Development Department or PSDM is engaged in regeneration and focuses on the quality of the whole HMPS for Communication Sciences. The main tasks of the PSDM are first to carry out the character education and human resource development, then to form, monitor and mind the right regeneration strategy and finally, to strengthen the relationship among all members of the Communication Science HMPS. The function of the PSDM is to be a forum, conceiver, and facilitator in developing the resources to develop the organizational skills, communication and other soft skills. The mainstay of the PSDM’s program is the Pendikar and PMB which require all new students to participate in as the first step for the regeneration. So that, they are more familiar with the Study Program, Faculty and University. There is also Rookie, an internship program at HMPS Communication Sciences. The PSDM is led by Brigitta Dwi and her deputy Tjen, Jocelyn; assisted by the head of the division, Yulia Istivandi and her deputy Marsha De La Rosa with the staff, Aisya Nada, Imanuel Sonang, Antonia Rachel, Alya Fadila, and Aurelia Almanda.

Business Department (DEPBIS)

The Business Department is the department that is responsible on business and entrepreneurship. There are two divisions in it, namely the Marketing and Production divisions. Its main function is to be the source of income and become the facilitator and partner for triggering and developing the entrepreneurial spirit of the Ilkom’s students. The main task of this department is to create and promote the unique products of the Undip Ilkom’s students in the external and internal scopes. The work programs undertaken include, among others, the association jacket, student’s jacket, lalalacoms, and marketing at Commweek. The latest work program is the CommCuan which accommodates the creativity of students who have a business to be promoted on Lalalacomms instagram account, namely @lalalacoms. In this cabinet, the Business Department is led by Fauzan Surya and his deputy, Aldha Wulan; assisted by the Head of the Marketing Division, namely Adeela Afra with Marvela Lusia, Dian Permata, and Dimas Apriliansyah as the staffs; and the Head of the Production Division is M. Dava Aldana with its staffs Abdullah Farhan, Azizi Noevansa, and Mayfida Alya .

Department of Interests and Talents (MIKAT)

The Department of Interests and Talents or commonly known as Mikat aims to channel and develop the Interests and Talents in the arts or sports for students of Communication Science. This department has two divisions, namely the arts and sports divisions and there is the Chairman of Cozy as well. Mikat’s work programs are the Ollumpiacomm, Commusician, Cozy, and Commyang. Cozy itself is a forum for fultsal formed by the Ilkom’s students to develop the potential of the students and be able to bring achievements, as well as carry the good name of Ilkom through it. While, Commyang is in the realm of basketball. This year, the Mikat department is led by Elisa T. Agata and her deputy Muhamad Reichan Anantyo; and the Head of the Arts Division, Latissya Eririan with her staffs Maria Renata, Wim Naga and Krisna Dafa; the Head of the Sports Division is Muhammad Raditya with Rizky Hidayatullah and Rafdil as his staff; and the  chairman of Cozy is Salman Al- Farisi.

Department of Community Service

The Department of Community Service or Dimas, is a department that channels the compassion for the community. Dimas is divided into two divisions, namely the humanity and society divisions. The work programs carried out are Rubik, Commlabs, Orphanage Visit, Bukber on The Road, Commcare, “Do Your Magic” Social Media Campaign, and Go Green Campaign. Dimas is led by Michael Lucky with his deputy Dethisa, assisted by Reyna as the head of the Humanitarian division, with Jasmine Nazilla, Irene Shinta, Moch Fachreza as their staffs; and the head of the social division is Shima Aqila with Karin Pehulisa, Fhatih Alfadrian, and Ajeng Salsabila as the staffs.

Creative Department

The creative department is the department that is in charge for making a good branding and visualizing the HMPS Communication Science’s content through the Social Media. There are two divisions, namely the Time Manager and Content Creator. The creative department can be said to be the behind the scenes department, because its main function is related to the creation of both visual and audio-visual content. This year, its latest work program is creating content on the Tik Tok social media. This year creative department is led by Bintang Anugrah and his deputy, Andika Alhakiem; as well as the Head of Time Manager is Daniel Panogari with his staff, Marchella Audrey; and the Head of the Content Creator Division, namely Untsa Rizka with her staffs, Tsaniyatul Mumtaz, Syahida Alam, Razi Abdurrahim, Nathania Elysia, Dzikri Aditya, Nabiila Sholihudin.

Communication Department

The Department of Communication or depkom has the objective of being the connector between the HMPS of the Communication Science with the internal and external stakeholders, as well as being the creator of the image or branding of the Communication Science HMPS itself. The task of the Department of Communication is to manage all of the social media for the HMPS of the Communication Science UNDIP, to build an image of an inclusive HMPS of Ilkom, and to become the bridge as well as the information center for Undip Communication Science’s students who have questions about the academics, advocacy, and others. The Depkom consists of two divisions, namely the internal and external divisions. The work programs of the Depkom are Comparative Studies, Visitation, Time with Alumni (TEMU), Bonding, Social Media Management, MaMiMu, Halocomm, Hall of fame, Graduation, and Media partners. In the Deliberative Cabinet, Depkom is led by Josephine Putri with Martina Aurelia as her deputy; assisted by the Head of Internal Division, namely Veriska with her staffs, Tuhfah Zakira, Alifya Salsabilla, and Meidyana; and the Head of the External Division namely, Sabna Faradila with her staffs, Nofiyanti Rezky and Bintang Akbar.

Department of Advocacy and Student Welfare (Advokesma)

The objective of this department is to assist those related to the advocacy and who fight for the student welfare, confront all information regarding the scholarships, jobs and careers (internships), and become a liaison to the faculty or academics. This department is also divided into external and internal divisions. Its work programs are to manage the information on KRS (Study Plan Card), UKT (Tuition fee) appeals, boardinghouse, scholarship, internship, job vacancies, Commvoice, Commshare, and Peduli Kawan (PEKA). Advokesma is led by Nadia Audy with her deputy Rahma Kurniasari; assisted by the Head of the Internal Division, Nadia Hutamingtyas with her staffs, Hanif Imam and Uli Zahro; and the Head of the External Division, Safira Azzahrani with her staffs, Chairunnisa and Kartika Conny.