International Undergraduate Program Class

As one of the prominent universities in Indonesia, Universitas Diponegoro offers an International Undergraduate Program in Communication. Communication Science Department of Faculty of Social and Political Sciences in Universitas Diponegoro opens the International Undergraduate Program for a bachelor’s degree. The IUP class was founded in 2018 as the pioneer of an international class in the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences. This class is designed to be a special class because the communication used during the teaching and learning process is in english. IUP is aimed to produce the globally competitive graduate and give worldwide chance for the students both national and international scale. This class is held as the effort of Universitas Diponegoro to be a World Class University.

Our department focuses on the field of strategic communication, exposes students to professional careers in public relations, advertising, and marketing communication, and provides them with highly practical and entrepreneurial skills as well as exceptional conceptual and analytical ways of thinking.